Strina Crowdfunding has been set up to raise funds in the lead up to the popular fundraising initiative, L-Istrina a fun-filled day on local television that helps raise funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. is aimed at raising funds that would have been normally gathered from several yearly events, including Fun Run and Rockestra, crowd-puller events that help raise substantial amounts of donations for the Foundation.

Every drop counts. Donate today!

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What we stand for


We are firm believers in the power of a community working together to give a helping hand to those in need.


Along with building awareness, we help raise funds to give a helping hand to those who need medical or other care.


As a community, we stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity and together help find solutions and build resources for those in need.

Joining Forces

In unity, we can merge our strengths and experiences to accomplish great things for those in need.

Q. Why are we doing this?

A. is one of a number of initiatives taken to compensate for the shortfall in donations to the MCCFF due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the restrictions introduced to curb the spread of the virus, annual events which used to help fill up the national charity fund's coffers had to be cancelled, thus depriving the Foundation of valuable funds to support those in need. Besides, some entrepreneurs who would have been at the forefront with their generous donations, are going through a tough time themselves and can only afford smaller contributions, if any. In this light, through this project we are raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. Every drop counts!

Q. Who will benefit?

A.Adults and children who turn to The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation for support in the funding of oncology treatment, parental stays of children receiving treatment abroad, provision of food vouchers, and other services vital to dignified living, and to alleviate material and psychological suffering.

Q. How can I become a Partner?

A. If you’re a company, a community or an individual and would like to collaborate with us on this initiative, send us an email on

Q.How can I help?

A. You can be part of this initiative. Scroll up and donate!


  • “Our company takes great pride and pleasure in supporting Istrina year on
    year, and this year is no exception. Being part of raising and donating money to increase funding capacity for charity is at the forefront of our company values”

    Robert Cauchi, CEO, KPH Group

  • "We are happy to support by raising awareness and allowing our riders to donate at a click of a button through our Cool app. Every cent counts in helping people passing through serious illnesses"

    Laura Jasenaite, CEO, Cool Ride-Pooling

  • “Gozo Channel Operations Ltd, a ferry service connecting the islands of Malta and Gozo and is the main connection between to the two islands, it is responsible in acting as a lifeline to the Gozitan community and also used by millions of Maltese and tourist every year. The social responsibility of the company does not end only as a ferry service but also in assisting all the organizations that contribute to the social aspect of our community.“

    Joseph Cordina, Chairman, Gozo Channel Operations Ltd.

  • "2020 has not been an easy year for anyone and The Point was no exception. Irrespective of this, there are people who need far more than others, especially during this time. L-istrina needs everyone’s support, and The Point is pleased to be doing is part by assisting with the initiative"

    Edwin Borg, CEO, The Point Shopping Mall

  • iSupport™ has been assisting The Malta Community Chest Fund in their fund raising initiatives for the past five years. It is with great honour to be part of this crowdfunding initiative. We strongly encourage other companies to embark on this campaign and support this noble cause.

    David Vassallo, Director, iSupport™

  • "Challenging times often unite us as a nation and define our identity. L-Istrina has become an event which embodies in full the Maltese spirit.
    As such, more than ever before, let’s contribute towards this campaign and allow the arts to serve as a source of inspiration and catalyst for positivity!"

    Sigmund Mifsud, Executive Chairman, MPO

  • "The Arkadia Group is very proud to be able to support, which is such a vital initiative locally, as it truly helps those people in need and fits in with Arkadia’s community values."

    David Shone, General Manager, Arkadia

  • The Convenience Group does not view itself simply as a business. We want to play a full role in the communities we serve. Our dedicated outlet, which donates all its profits to the cancer charity, is testament to this. We are also involved in several other initiatives and are delighted to now form part of the campaign to raise funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

    Martin Agius, CEO, The Convenience Group

  • "The pandemic has affected everybody in many ways, but in such difficult times it is important to help the ones in need and this is what we would like to achieve through such a campaign."

    Ian Portughes, CEO, Portughes Laundry and Dry Cleaning

  • iCity is proud to be part of this initiative and contribute its digital assets to this innovative way of funding for l-Istrina. Few from the many can change people's lives!

    Joe Aquilina, iCity Director

  • We usually encourage our trainees and clients to take care of themselves and their health. It’s now time to encourage one another to take care of those who are suffering and who need help! Bring on the Vitera Christmas Eve Challenge!
    Jonathan Caruana, Founder, Vitera Health and Fitness